Welcome to Dicke Ranch

Paul & Karissa with F1 Irish Black X Angus Steer at County Fair

Dicke Ranch was established in 1986 when Paul and Diane Dicke purchased summer pasture south of Ewing, NE. Land was purchased as it became available to comprise the 800 cow calf herd.

Our family consists of two sons, Nathan and Waylan, and daughter Karissa. Our oldest son Nathan died of a brain tumor at age 14. Waylan and his wife Kayla live on the family farm near Creston, NE with their children, Kenna and Wyatt. Karissa is a sophomore at
Pope John High School in Elgin, NE.

Our cow herd consisted of mostly Angus cross cows and Angus bulls, but after years of producing 1,600 pound cows and selling injured bulls, Paul and Waylan ventured to investigate into the Irish Black cattle. They purchased 32 bred Irish Black cows from the Gould Ranch in Fort Morgan, CO and the following year bought 4 Irish Black bulls.

After seeing the results of putting 4 Irish Black bulls on 215 Angus cross cows and having a 96% conception rate, the decision was made to sell the Angus bulls.

Our Irish Black bulls are aggressive and have less injuries durring the breading season. After yearly semen checking, we have no fears or concerns about putting 50-60 cows per bull out to pasture.

Irish Blacks™ - Irish Reds™

Irish Black cattle & Irish Red cattle possess beef cattle genetics that were made in America, for Americans, From the very beginning Irish Blacks and Reds were genetically engineered to possess top performance traits demanded by the US Beef Industry. Their success follows fifty years of progressive genetic development. This forward thinking genetic plan was combined with policies requiring animals meet a strict performance criteria to remain in the foundation blood of Irish Blacks and Irish Reds. The result is Irish Black and Red cattle that offer beef cattle genetics with incredible consistency, supreme feed efficiency, unmatched fertility, and excellent overall performance.

The roots of Irish Blacks and Irish Reds trace to Iowa during the 1960's. Breed Founder Maurice Boney succeeded in establishing this line of cattle that are, to date, unparalled in their genetic power. Their dominant genetics come from a carefully tested, tightly controlled and time proven, line breeding program. Irish Blacks and Irish Reds primarily derive from beef Friesian genetics with a small portion of their blood tracing to some old Aberdeen Angus "Revolution" lines. Essentially, Boney developed "Ideal" commercial females before Importing Friesian sires from Ireland to contribute excellent carcass qualities critical in creating the best beef product possible.

By 1971, Boney closed the herd books of Irish Blacks and Irish Reds to concentrate their Friesian bloodand protect the Breeds. Time tested, proven performance dictated the selection and development process. The philosophy put product quality and customer satisfaction first. Both US beef producers and consumers were top considerations. Traits like tenderness, marbling, and good taste are built into the Breeds. Irish Black and Irish Red cattle are functional, structurally sound, and minimize the dependence on labor.

Today, Irish Black and Irish Red cattle offer proven, predictable beef cattle genetics to American producers.

- I.B. and R. Trademarks®, LLC

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